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more like "Beckhams Bi-monthly"

lol bi.

The one with the misleading username
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haha i don't know what possesed me to create this community. *abuses imageshack*

Rules, so shamelessly stolen from rightclicklick

1. Every post must contain a pic of a Beckham or an Adams. Nevilles are sadly not included. *unless you're lafillevilaine. Wink wink.

2. No stealing from other sites or direct linking to other sites including here. If I find a pic that is direct linking, I will delete that post with no questions. I'm not going to have pissed off webmasters after this place. This includes just placing a link to an image. For image host ideas, go here:
- PhotoBucket
- ImageShack, nifty thumbnails included.
- Supload, thumbnails are quite big, but a-ok I guess.
- TinyPic

3. NO BASHING OF ANY KIND. Seriously. You say one bad word about any Beckham / Adams or any of the members, you're gone. Making fun of David's hair is okay. the toilet cow, a certain nanny, Jordan, Andrew Morton, and many low life tabloid scums are exceptions. Also, the names are Victoria and David. That's just four extra letters for the former and the same amount of letters for the latter. Use them.

4. If posting NFSW (not safe for work) pics, please use lj-cut tags so that people browsing from work don't get in trouble. Though they would deserve it.

5. If posting multiple pics, please put behind lj-cut tags so that those of us on slower connections can go through them at their own pace.

6. Images larger than 500 pixels in width and height and bmp and png images must be placed behind lj-cut tags to aid those with slower modems.

7. Paparazzi pics are allowed, because, duh.

8. Always try to credit your sources where possible.

9. No off topic posts, this is a picture posting community only.

10. Fanarts (wallpapers, icons, etc) are allowed. Brownies if you include the original pictures.

11. Please don't use inappropriate words to describe the children, or any children in any of the pictures, e.g. "hot", "sexy", I could go on but I'm creeping myself out.

12. The rules haven't been update in forever so for the time being just remember that loverly has the final say in everything. Bwahaha.

Questions, comments, suggestions, and others should be sent to loverly through this page. Do not spam loverly's personal journal and do not be mean. loverly also likes to refers to herself as the third person.

ps. The only slash allowed is David/Gary and Victoria must be allowed to watch.

Have fun, I'm only tyrannical when needed :D