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DOWNLOAD - Vogue UK Behind The Scenes (full film)

Victoria Beckham on the cover of Vogue, April 2008. Photograph by Nick Knight

"LOVE her or hate her, you'd be hard pushed to ignore her," declares Vogue of its April issue cover girl: Victoria Beckham.

The artist formerly known as Posh opens up to Vogue's editor-in-chief Alexandra Shulman about the recent Spice Girls tour, her family life - and, of course, her dVb fashion range, on which she is keen to focus her energy. Her inspiration? Her husband, of course.

"It's a real collaboration between me and David," she reveals. "He inspires me in so many ways. Like I came downstairs today and he said I look like a cross between George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley and I went 'Okaaaay, I'm going very Eighties. Very cool.' He supports me, and I think it's important in a relationship that a man doesn't suppress his wife or girlfriend."


Filmed amidst the nuts-and-bolts of the photographic shoot, Showtime is a sneak preview of Nick Knight’s editorial for the April 2008 edition of British Vogue. Starring the indomitably glamorous Victoria Beckham, the whole film is a shimmering jewel-box of exquisite light and reflection, from the pearlescent couture fabrics, to the glittering Michael Howells set, to the glowing Mrs Beckham herself. As with so many of her recent shoots (not least her Marc Jacobs ad campaign), there’s a distinct feel of tongue-in-chic cheek to proceedings as Victoria primps and preens her way through the lavish mirrored set in spectacular showpieces by Dolce & Gabbana, Nina Ricci et al - all the trappings, indeed, of a decidedly posh princess.


Shot between takes on an editorial for British Vogue (due to hit newsstands next week) Nick Knight’s latest film for SHOWstudio is a frank homage to out-and-out glamour. Starring Victoria Beckham (who else?) as glittering starlet incarnate, Showtime is a old-fashioned take on a quintessentially 21st century icon. The film takes a playfully traditional look at this business of fashion: hence, glitter, gloss, frills, flounces and fifties femininity are the order of the day, with Mrs Beckham beribboned, bowed and posed ever- ready for her SHOWstudio audience.


I think it's supposed to be a short film titled "Showtime" but it's really just a 37 second clip of VB being fabulously sparkly :D Play with Quicktime or VLC.

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