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David's BBC2 radio interview with Kate Thornton

mp3, 2 hours 6 minutes. The songs are included, there are some skips but other than that it's great :D Thanks to Oana for the original file!

Radio 2 presents an unmissable Christmas Day special featuring the one and only David Beckham in conversation with Kate Thornton and Radio 2 listener's were asked to set the agenda.

David Beckham sheds some light on his life as a father, husband, footballer, international icon - and Christmas aficionado - in a very special interview for Radio 2. David answered some questions from Radio 2 listeners and presenter Kate Thornton, picking some of his favourite songs along the way.

The questions posed take us through an inspiring and eventful career – which has seen many of the highs and lows played out on an international stage - from a focused child practising in Chase Lane Park with dreams of playing for Manchester United; leaving home at 15 years old and an educational stint at Preston North End; to the seismic fallout from a red card at the 1998 World Cup; and a redemptive winning penalty against Argentina in the 2002 World Cup:
"The moment the ball struck the back of the net, funnily enough, my mind went clear, everything that I was thinking, everything that I had gone through. I knew how much it meant for me to score that goal for my family, and of course for the fans, because the rivalry against Argentina is huge…I think that was one of the best moments of my career."

He reflects on his relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson; his move to Real Madrid, where he played under Fabio Capello; feeling physically sick after the press conference announcing the end of his England captaincy; a call from Steve McLaren which he never saw coming; the new challenge of playing Major League Soccer in the States; and the possibilities of a return to the UK, or Brooklyn following him into professional football. "He's got a great strike on him, a great right foot, and he kept the ball up 64 times. Eight years old, it's pretty good!" Victoria meanwhile is "not so great at goalkeeping" but "she hasn't really got a choice there. The boys all just tell her to go in goal and then kick balls at her."

David shares a few of his style tips, namely picking out your outfit the night before, and reveals that the Beckham boys will be smartly dressed on Christmas Day. Whilst he admits that Victoria has played a huge part in the way he looks today, David has always liked clothes and as a young page boy given the choice of wearing a suit, or knickerbockers, long socks and ballet shoes, he opted for the fancier ensemble: "My dad gave me a little bit of stick but I was happy".

He lifts the lid on the musical perks of being an A-lister, with a special performance by Elton John at his sons' christening and a cherished, funny moment with Stevie Wonder in LA. But it is reassuring to know that when it comes to asking for a photograph with Stevie, even international icons can get "star struck".

Santa Claus is Coming to Town - Bruce Springsteen
Superstition - Stevie Wonder
Nobody Does It better - Carly Simon
I am The Resurrection - Stone Roses
Stronger - Kanye West
Freefalling - Tom Petty
Fairytale in New York - The Pogues
PYT (Pretty Young thing) - Michael Jackson
Say You'll Be There - Spice Girls
Shine - Take That
Tubthumping - Chumbawumba
World in Motion - New Order
Barcelona - Freddie Mercury and Monserrat Caballe
Living In America - James Brown
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